Going Global – Home Decoration

With international travel so accessible now, lots of global elements are finding their way into our homes. My home is influenced by stylish Scandinavia but, funnily enough, I’ve never been there. Here are a few different global home decoration styles.

Turning Japanese

The simplicity and serenity of Japanese style makes it an ideal backdrop for busy lives. Wooden or tile floors are a great place to start, while plain white painted walls provide a perfect canvas for delicate decorations. Paper is another big look in Japan and, or of course, your home will really look the part with the addition of orchid plants of the real, or even the silk, variety.

C’est la Vie

French provincial style is easy to achieve and appeals to everybody as it provides a chance to mix and match colours and patterns in a relaxed way. In the kitchen, think rustic, with lots of terracotta pots, woven baskets, hanging garlic bulbs and those ubiquitous French motifs of the rooster and the fleur-de-lis. Furniture should be simple and countrified with rush seating on chairs and chicken wire netting doors on cupboards.

Out of Africa

Rich, earthy colours are the key to a successful African look and textures such as wood, bamboo, raffia and metallics add further interest. New Zealanders are big fans of African style and this theme comes through most seasons in our home wares stores, where you can find various animal print accessories. From cushions and quilt covers to trays and photo frames, zebra and leopard prints are also essential ingredients for your stylish home grown Savannah.

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Decorative Candles With Swarovski Crystals Add Warmth and Elegance to Your Home Decor

The best way to add warmth, sophistication, and a lovely aroma to any room in your home is with a slow burning decorative candle. Candles not only add that touch of elegance to your surroundings but also they add a sense of calmness. If you are in need of some much deserved rest and relaxation, just light a candle in your favorite room in your home, kick off your shoes and you will say goodbye to all of your stress from the day!

The aroma of decorative, scented candles can help reduce your stress when burning. Light a candle, turn down the lights, lie down and relax. The fragrant scent of the burning candle will lessen your worries and help reduce your stress. You can’t help but relax with the lovely aroma of these decorative, scented candles.

Candles with Swarovski Crystals not only can decrease your stress level when lit but also add a decorative touch to your decor. Decorative candles can create a truly unique focal point in your room. These candles, in particular, need not be lit to add a fascinating appeal to your favorite accent table or in your bathroom! They stand alone in defining art work at it’s finest.

Decorative candles also make divine gifts. Dazzle the host or hostess with a Swarovski Crystal, embellished candle or give a Fleur De Lis Candle as a housewarming gift to your friend. The unique styles of decorative candles are sure to make the perfect gift.

There are all different styles of decorative candles. From candles with Fleur De Lis embellishments to decorative candles adorned with Swarovski Crystals and leather appliques you are sure to find the perfect candle for your home decor.

Sir Oliver’s Candles are truly divine. This collection of decorative crystal candles [http://distinctivelydivine.com/cart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=52] are each hand-poured and crafted with a unique mottled appearance using the highest quality waxes. Each embellished and scented candle is infused with scented oils to create richly aromatic, long lasting fragrances. 100% natural fiber wicks are used in all of the candles. Sir Oliver’s Candles use Swarovski crystals, natural leathers and the finest embellishments to create one-of-a-kind decorative candles. We offer a fabulous selection of candles including gorgeous and timeless candle bases.

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Fleur De Lis – The Perfect Decor For French Themed Homes

Fleur de lis is a product of the European culture. It is the use of lilies or an iris as a symbol that reflects usually on the clothing and flags of the early Europeans. As they say, this is usually a royal symbol that represents the many monarchs, kings and rulers of the ancient times. Because of the goal of various settlers to spread their culture globally, this symbol appeared in nations of the west like in Canada or South America. Most countries in these regions, which have this as part of their flags, were usually the ones conquered by the early European settlers.

Nowadays, this symbol is not just a mere reflection of royalty. In fact, it has been a notable style for home decorations. They are integrated in the world of art to home decors the top of the line. They are the perfect ornaments to be used in Mediterranean homes or even themes close to the medieval times. They have been integrated in all items: from plates, napkins and other home accessories. They are even the perfect item for your walls. Fleur de lis wall art has also evolved in the industry.

To give you a clear picture on the various home decors that you can use with this theme check out the following:

* Wall art- This theme has been adapted by various metal works like iron grills and shelf accents. They are sometimes framed and they can be very eye-catching when placed on walls. You can highlight them with the use of dim lights and they can make your rooms more Mediterranean.

* Chandelier- These are perfect decors you can hang on your ceilings. Most of the items with this design are very intricate. The bends and curves are very elegant to look at. This is one perfect home d├ęcor because it is very symbolic and its natural beauty represents life, light and perfection.

* Other accessories- They can be a perfect design for your flower pot holders so that you can bring them indoors. They can also be an elegant design to be used for hooks or towel holders. Sometimes pillows with these designs are very luxurious because they can look fascinating. They are used almost on every part of the house and the design will never be far out for the functions of these rooms.

* Tapestries- This is one of your Fleur de lis wall art. They can be great focal point for your rooms especially when they have large sizes. They add warmth to the room and they can be very calming. They can have many patterns and they can paint pictures but they are not overwhelming to the eye. There is a certain softness in these pieces perfect for resting places like your bedrooms or living rooms.

There are other items that can have this design. No matter what it is, they can blend perfectly in French homes or Mediterranean Homes. If you want to have this kind of theme, then you should be getting items with Fleur de lis on them.

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